To find love, stop looking. Surely, it’s going to be really hard. It would break you apart without anyone taking part in the process. It would tend to break you. It would be sad; it would drain all the happiness you try to feel even if the world seems to present you the perfect forms of happiness and not give you even one form anyway. It would be like watching from an endless roll of film reels that play all day; you just get to watch and get nothing but envy and even more loneliness. Those happy people around you would only remind you how alone you are. It would be that tough.

But hey, to find love, stop looking. Stop looking around and stop wishing that you get what other people have. Stop and wait. While waiting, live. By living, I mean enjoying what and who you have at the moment. Every moment you spend lamenting what you don’t have takes away the moments you should have spent enjoying what you still have. By the time you realize that, those things are already gone and that’s when you become alone. Don’t let that happen. Just wait and let things take shape by will. Anyway, love and happiness would feel twice the ecstasy when you don’t force them to happen. Let them do their job. They would know when it’s time.

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